“Hot Steams” Amber Jones BFA Exhibition- Weekly Response

As I walked into the Hot Steams Exhibition I found myself face with a indeed all to familier type of art. It was one which seemed to attempt to communicate a sense of the artist southern roots. Though I would have to say that attempt was certianly a key word in this case. I could see where they where trying to get at by using the old pictures as well as the art that they did, but having grown up in the south and having some experiance with this myself. Especially because of the puesdo-farm like setting I was raised on, I just wasn’t feeling it and so found myself a bit let down by the message that the artist was trying to convey. Maybe I just missed the point or found that it wasn’t coveyed very well but, in the end I really thought that a better job could have been done overall.

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The Cleo and Carla Thomas Collection: Selected Works- Weekly

At the Cleo and Carla Thomas Collection I found myself faced indeed with a instresting collection of art, some of which I had even seen before at previous art galleries. The combination of photos of Martian Luther King as well as the various paintings such as though of Abe Lincoln served to give it a mixed filling of differnt types of art. Yet there was one certian piece of art that caught my eye above the others. It was a picture of three Abe Lincolns together in the same picture all wearing large coats, caps, as well as ‘bling’. The three of them posed in a manner of what one would consider the atypical ‘gangster’. I indeed found this picture to be quite humorous. All in all though there was not many pictures within the collection which seemed to be stuffed in a such a small face, this still didn’t make it… not a instresting one to look at.

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Critical Review- Animal Crackers

I attened the play Animal Crackers. As I headed to the play I held a sense that I wasn’t really going to enjoy it. Sinice the Marx Brothers style of comdey has never really been my cup of tea. When I reached the building and went inside I sat down and waited a bit for the play to start, sinice I had arrive a little bit early. It seemed to be a packed house so I figured that maybe it would be a bit better than I thought, and so as the lights went down the show started off with the always classic and very humorous, “Who’s on First” bit. I indded found myself mildly amused by it sinice I have indeed seen such bits before, though usal done in a differnt manner it is always funny to see no matter how it is done. As the play advance own I supirsingly found myself to be enjoying my time wacthing it. Though the jokes that brought out a actual laugh where indeed few and far beteween, I would indeed have to say that the jokes that simply brought a smile where quite plenty for the taking. Frankly I would say that, that was egough to make the show quite worth wacthing. Charcters such as Captian Spalding, and the Proffesser indeed provided the most amusment for me throughout the play. So as I left I found myself to be quite supirsed about how much fun I had, had at wacthing the characters singing and dances, all the while trying to solve the mystry of who took the painting… or in some cases making there own desigins on how they where going to go about taking the painting. All in all, I indeed found Animal Crackers to be quite a amusing preformce and would certianly enjoy wacthing somthing of that nature again.

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Weekly Post-Dance Alabama

At first when heading to Dance Alabama I found my expectations to be rather low, simply due to the fact that I am not really a big fan of dancing on any level. Though when I sat in my seat and began to wacth the show come alive I indeed found that I was suprised in how I become caught up in the show that went on in fornt of me. The combination of music and dancing was indeed a bit uplifting, and brought about a sinice of enjoyment form the entire experiance.

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Weekly Post- Purgatorio

I went to see the play Purgatorio that was being preformed at Allen Bales Theater. I didn’t have any information on the play before I went in there except for the title, and that was my first mistake sinice it turned out to not be what I expected to be. After realizing that the title had indeed been a false sell. While it was indeed a tale of two peoples journy through Limbo, it was not the story of Dante’s jounry that I had been expecting and in a way I think it kind of ruined the rest of this tale of people who seemed to be insearch of a kind of afterlife style of forgivness.

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Willie Cole Works on Paper- Critical Response

In my visit to the Willie Cole Works on Paper Gallery, I found myself strangely fascinated by the Africanized sense of each piece that I came into contact with. The constant use of the burn marks on paper by the flat iron was indeed intriguing. Do to my past knowledge of history there was one piece I saw that quickly caught my eye. It was one which used the flat iron bottom to imitate the pictures that showed the packing of the slave ship, and I knew exactly what was being shown without even having to look at the little info thing being provided with that picture. Another of his works which caught my eye and held me in place for a bit was those which used the hair dryers in order to create an almost anthropomorphized creature or multi armed deity like shape. Every one of his pieces though seem to hold a sense of sadness to them that spread out through the quite gallery, except in a few cases this was indeed the general feeling that the gallery gave off was one of a quite industrial steel like sadness. Combined with a bit of jungle like mystery and curiosity.

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Sella-Granata Art(New Graduate Student Exhibition)-Weekly Post

Yesterday I visited the Sella-Granata Art(New Graduate Student Exhibition) over in Woods Hall. I would have to say that I found the art there held a vibe which I most enjoyed. Especially the paintings that had cat like looks to them, and the sculptures which were of rabbit like beings gave the feel of kind of a ‘Extreme Grimm’s Fairy Tale Version of Alice in Wonderland’. I really adored the painting that looked like a stuffed version of a cat sitting in a chair with all the pins and needles stuck into it as well as the untitled piece which looked like the rabbit himself about to run down the rabbit hole. Beyond that, I would have to say that the pieces of paper with the various ab-libs that where left by people provided me with quite a sense of entertainment.

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Hello my name is Brian Kirkland

My name is Brian Kirkland and my experiance with the arts is small at best… at least when it comes to ever type of art except that of the written word, which is where I excel. Beyond that though the only things I have experianced would be a few art musems that I have been to and also a few plays that I have seen.

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